The dragon brothers


Once upon a time, three brothers lived on a farm. Their names were Zachary, Logan, and Riley. 

One morning while they were doing chores, a dragon flew over to them and nudged them. They transformed into dragons.  

At first, they were scared.  But then Logan started flapping his

 wings and started flying.  It was fun.  Then, Riley and Zachary saw what Logan was doing.  They flapped their wings and started flying too!  They roared at the other dragons.  The other dragons looked at them and roared back.  They were soon surrounded by wild dragons.  The other dragons flew around and the brothers saw how they were flying and tried to copy what they were doing. Zachary flew up to the top of a tree.  He had always wanted to see what the world looked like from up there, but couldn’t climb that high as a boy.  Logan tried doing a series of loops.  He almost fell out of the sky, but quickly flipped right over again and flew on.  Riley flew up and watched his dad fly a drone to check on the kids doing their chores.     Now he knew they were in trouble.  If they didn’t get the cows fed soon, their dad was going to be really mad.  They were having a lot of fun as dragons, but they still had responsibilities on their farm.  

Fortunately, After an hour they transformed back into little boys. They quickly finished up their chores and headed inside for breakfast.  

Next morning they went out to feed the cows, a dragon touched them again and they were transformed into dragons again!  but they still had to do their chores.  They were afraid that their dad would be mad if they just flew around again. So they had to make up a plan to get the hay to the cows. They tried cutting the hay, but that didn’t work. Their claws couldn’t cut the hay and they couldn’t pick up a hay fork with their claws either. They tried to lift the hay all together.  Logan and Riley hooked their claws into the side of the big round bale and lifted it onto Zachary’s back. Then, while Zachary was flying it to the pasture, they kept it from falling off. It worked!  The cows were fed!

Now every morning, they fly around and feed cows as DRAGONS!


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