A Goshawk is a bird of prey. They are very good at flying though trees. They live in forests. 

Goshawks are classified as bird of prey because they eat meat but their favorite is snowshoe hares. They chase their prey through the woods. Then they kill it with their talons. Falconers love them because they’re good at hunting. 

One of the cool things about goshawks is that they can fly through gaps in trees. They can fly though gaps as small as one foot wide at 38 mph.  They only do that when hunting, but it is still cool. Their wings are specialized for doing that.  They have wings that are shaped more like falcon wings then hawk wings.  They can do the same thing though man made holes. I know that because I watched a video for school. In it a falconer made his goshawk fly through a one foot hole, then a square, then a triangle. 

Their habitat is Conifer Forests in the north-western United States. They nest in mature conifers with sticks and mud. In a nest they lay 2-5 eggs. It takes 56 days for the eggs to hatch. They might come back to that nest the next year and make repairs. 

Goshawks are very cool birds. Falconers love them because of their unique abilities. I hope to hunt with one when I am a falconer. 

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