I think ARK is an awesome game. In ARK, there is realistic in-game tech. You can tame extinct and mythical creatures. There is realistic survival.   

In ARK, there are GPS’s that  give you  latitude and longitude.  The first  craftable tech is at level 49. You can craft cables. You can connect cables to lights. You get lights by crafting them in the fabricator. You don’t need lights but they’re good to have. You can also craft keypads, assault rifles,  generators, and refrigerators You can craft more than that I just haven’t gotten to it yet. 

In ARK, you can tame ancient creatures. One of the creatures is velociraptor. Another creature is T-REX. You can tame up to 60 creatures at one time.  You tame them by knocking them unconscious and feed them meat and berries. 

To survive, you have to eat, drink, and stay warm. To eat, you have to hunt. To drink you have to find water. To stay warm, you have to build a house or a fire. If you don’t, you freeze to death. 

Those are the three reasons I think ARK is an awesome game.  

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