History: Week One Review

Topic: explain how a person’s worldview can help increase or decrease their capital. 

What is capital?

Capital is a tool; here’s an example: a rock is form of capital to a caveman because he can use it as a weapon to hunt or defend himself.  A toolbox is a form of capital to a mechanic. If you’re working from a bus drivers point of view your capital  is a road and your capital to others is a way to get around the city. But if you are working from a entrepreneurs point of view capital is a good business opportunity. 

How does a persons world view affect their capital?

A person’s worldview can completely change their capital. If you have an optimistic  worldview you will most likely have more capital. If you have a pessimist worldview you will most like have less capital.  If your willing to fail over and over then you will most likely have more capital if you aren’t then you’ll have less capital. 


  1. Hailey on April 8, 2019 at 4:21 am

    Hi! I’m Hailey! I just wanted to say I think this great essay! I just wanted to leave you a helpful hint: “your”, as in belonging to someone, versus “you are” = you’re.

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